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Alaska Summer Jobs in Salmon Processing Plants and Canneries (Fish Packing Jobs)

Work in Alaska this summer in one of Alaska's many onshore and offshore salmon processing plants. Most of these summer jobs do not require any previous experience. You'll meet people from all over the country, have a chance to live in a unique environment, and hopefully earn a nice amount of money.

Cannery & Onshore Processing Plant Jobs

Working in an onshore processing plant in Alaska is a great way to earn money and gain some valuable experience in Alaska's fishing industry. For more information on onshore processing jobs, check out Alaska Job Bank by Alaska DOL and

Cold Storage & Fish Packing Jobs

Cold storage jobs in Alaska are very similar to onshore processing plant jobs and a great resource is Alaska processing jobs.

Cannery Jobs in Alaska's Salmon Canneries

Alaska fish packing jobs in salmon canneries in Alaska are a great way to spend the summer. The salmon processing season generally goes from mid-June to late August. For those that want to start sooner, the Copper River area (Cordova) has a great salmon fishery starting in mid-May. Opportunities are also available to work well into September in certain areas.

Offshore Processing Vessels

Summer and seasonal jobs on offshore processing boats in Alaska offers some unique advantages to shore side seafood processing plants. Namely, that you will be will be working and living on the boat and thus most of your earnings can be saved as there is very little opportunity to spend your money.

Floating Processors

Work in alaska on a floating processor. The three largest seasons are the summer salmon season, the groundfish seasons and the crabbing seasons.

Catcher/Processor Vessels

Alaska employment on catcher/processor boats is similar to working on a floating processor. The main difference is the catcher/processors actually harvest the fish (crab, pollock, halibut, groundfish, etc.) and process it right on board. They are also moving around the fishing grounds, while a floating processor is usually anchored in a specific area for a much longer period of time.

Tender Boats

Working the summer in Alaska on a tender boat is an excellent way to spend the summer too. It's work that some can get after first spending time at an onshore plant.

Other Alaska Summer Fishing Job Information


There are a variety of summer jobs in Alaska's fishing industry that you can choose from.