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Oil Industry Jobs in Alaska

oil pipeline jobs photoThe days of the great Trans-Alaska Pipeline construction bonanza are over, but there are still a lot of good high paying jobs in Alaska's oil industry. A good percentage of the work is performed up on the North Slope in Prudhoe Bay.

Over 1 million barrels of oil a day flow through the 800-mile pipeline and onto the market, supplying 15 percent of U.S. oil consumption.

The Prudhoe Bay oil fields also supply Alaska with thousands of jobs and billions of dollars for capital-improvement programs. It also funds most of the money that goes into the Alaska Permanent Fund which pays each resident of Alaska an annual dividend (historically between $1,100 and $2,000).

There have been other oil fields discovered on the Kenai Peninsula and in Cook Inlet.

Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Jobs

The next Alaska oil and gas jobs boom may come from the proposed natural gas pipeline. This pipeline will create thousands of high paying Alaska pipeline jobs. The project will take roughly eight years to build and will provide steady employment for those interested in working these Alaska natural gas pipeline jobs.

The Alaska portion of the pipeline, the North Slope Gas Treatment Plant and the In-State Module Fabrication combined will take over 12,000 man years just to construct at a cost of over $8 billion.

This new Alaska pipeline will start at Prudhoe Bay and go through Fairbanks, Delta Junction and Tok Alaska and continue through Canada. See Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Map.

A good website to keep track of the progress of the Alaska Gas Pipeline is Denali's - Alaska Gas Pipeline Website and also

An outstanding website for Oil and Gas Jobs is They cover oil and gas industry jobs in detail and include detailed employer profiles and oil and gas job listings.

Here are our favorite resources for Alaska oil industry jobs:

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The outlook for jobs in the Alaska Oil and Gas Industry is looking good. Especially if this new Alaska Gas Pipeline gets approved which will create a huge surplus of Alaska Oil Pipeline jobs.